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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MN3310: GPS Receiver Module

MN3310: GPS Receiver Module
The Micro Modular Technologies MN3310 Global Positioning System GPS Receiver is a highly-integrated, 12-channel receiver with fast-acquisition hardware intended for OEM applications. The MN3310 is complete with integrated RF filtering, flash memory and TCXO. The single 3.3-volt power supply requires less than 150 mW total and the built-in antenna power circuit allows for a simple, direct connection to an active antenna. By incorporating the complexity of the RF signal chain into the module, the user only needs to be concerned with routing the antenna signal into the module.

The receiver tracks GPS satellites at the L1 frequency (1.575GHz) and computes position, time and velocity. The user needs only provide suitable power and a GPS signal and the MN3310 will output the navigation solution in the widely-used NMEA 0183 format. The 12-channel receiver allows all satellites in view to be tracked, providing an over-determined solution to minimize position jumps caused by individual satellite blockage. The fast-acquisition hardware design greatly reduces the time for signal acquisition when the receiver is initially powered up.

The MN3310 is machine placeable by standard surface mount equipment and is delivered in tape and reel. A metal shield is provided for RF protection and for automated nozzle pickup.

The MN3310 is supported by an evaluation kit including software, along with reference designs to speed OEM development.


· 12 channel tracking

· Integrated LNA

· 3 volts

· Power: 150mW typical

· Sensitivity: -151 dBm

· Accuracy: <3m

· Hot start: 8 Seconds

· Cold Start: 42 Seconds

· Supports: active or passive antennas

· Message Set: NMEA-0183

Dimensions: 25.4 x 25.4 x 3.3

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