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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SiRFstarIII GSC3LTi and GSC3LTif Flagship Multimode A-GPS Solution

These tiny dynamos condense SiRFstarIII™ technology into the lowest power, highest performing SiRF solution, and they measure a compact 6x6x1.2 mm—thanks to 90-nanometer technology. Less expensive and 25% smaller and than the GSC3LT, the GSC3LTi is engineered for wireless applications and handheld systems with centralized power management that don’t require a wholly independent, self-managed GPS subsystem power supply. Internal Flash memory is optional (GSC3LTif).

Supported Software
GSW3LT Standalone GPS software with SBAS support
SiRFLoc® Client (SLC) LT A-GPS Multimode Location Engine™ for GSM/3GPP
SiRFLoc Client (SLC) LT A-GPS Multimode Location Engine for CDMA IS-801A with coarse location
SiRFInstantFix™ extended ephemeris service for very fast TTFFs
Type: 120-ball thin profile, fine pitch ball grid array (TFBGA) with a ball pitch of 0.5 mm
Dimensions: 6 mm x 6 mm; Height: 1.2 mm ROM device, 1.4 mm Flash device
Typical total solution footprint: 105 mm2

90 nm SiRFstarIII-LT DSP Core
Navigation Engine (PVT) solution
4 Mbit on-chip ROM program memory
SPI and UART Host interfaces
Up to eight programmable GPIOs
GPS Architecture Highlights
High sensitivity: -159 dBm for indoor fixes
200,000+ effective correlators for very fast TTFF and high sensitivity acquisition
GPS Features
Real time navigation for location based services
Low energy-per-fix in point position applicationsLow energy-per-fix in point position applications
Advanced Power Management and Adaptive TricklePower™ plus low energy-per-fix in point position applications
Multimode A-GPS Support: Autonomous, MS Based, MS Assisted
Location protocol libraries supporting RRC, RRLP, 3GPP2, SUPL, E-911

Horizontal Position Accuracy 1 • Autonomous <2.5>

The GSC3LTi(f) is supported by SiRF standard autonomous software that’s setting new performance benchmarks in the portable navigation systems market. SiRF standard autonomous software also supports recently announced SiRFInstantFix technology, which eliminates the initial task of obtaining broadcast GPS data from the satellites themselves, resulting in a faster Time-To-First-Fix (TTFF), even in weak signal environments.
The GSC3LTi(f) also supports SiRFLoc Client, the patented Multimode A-GPS software powering mobile phones optimized for location-enabled-services. SiRFLoc improves GPS location capability in wireless system environments by utilizing various modes of wireless infrastructure assistance to improve weak signal reception.
The GSC3LTi(f) GPS performance is fully compliant with the industry-standard Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) TS25.171 and CDMA TIA916 requirements, with extremely fast assisted fix speeds that are often significantly faster than required by the standard.

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