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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SiRFstarIII GSD3tw

This single die, small footprint implementation of SIRFstarIII™ architecture provides a cost-effective solution for high-volume embedded applications where host processor resources are available to execute SiRFNav®— SiRF’s high performance navigation software suite, providing Autonomous navigation, Aided-GPS navigation (both user plane and control plane), and SiRFInstantFix™ technology. This 90 nm single-die IC has fully integrated 1.2 V LDOs, reducing the external Bill of Materials.

Supported Software
SiRFTrackIII™ GPS tracker software
SiRFNavIII™ standalone GPS navigation software
SiRFLoc® Client (SLC) A-GPS software- SiRFNavIII A-GPS navigation software - SiRFLocStack™ location protocol library for user plane (SUPL) and control plane (RRLP, RRC) A-GPS
SiRFInstantFix extended ephemeris software; connectivity optional
Smallest Footprint Package
Type: 49-pin WLCSP with a ball pitch of 0.4 mm
Dimensions: 3.12 mm x 3.17 mm; Height: 0.68 mm
Typical total solution footprint: 30 mm2
Low Production Cost Package
Type: 49-pin TFBGA with a ball pitch of 0.5 mm
Dimensions: 4 mm x 4.5 mm; Height: 0.68 mm
Typical total solution footprint: 40 mm2

Single die SiRFstarIII proprietary Satellite Signal Processor technology
High sensitivity signal acquisition capability (Aided-GPS)
Integrated ROM and controller to minimize host platform loading
90 nm RFCMOS for cost effective baseband + RF integration
On-chip LNA reduces total solution cost and footprint
Extremely low power
Reduced pin count and small package size simplifies PCB layout
TCXO power supply control through integrated FET switch
GPS Architecture Highlights
Premium SiRFstarIII architecture with 200,000+ effective correlators for fast TTFF and high sensitivity acquisition
GPS Features
SiRFNav host software with: real-time navigation for location based services
Advanced Power Management and Adaptive TricklePower™ plus low energy-per-fix in point position applications
Multimode A-GPS support: Autonomous, MS Based, MS Assisted
Location protocol libraries supporting RRC, RRLP, 3GPP2, SUPL, E-911

Horizontal Position Accuracy 1 • Autonomous <2.5>

For cellular handset applications where space is at a premium, the GSD3tw offers two excellent package options; one for low cost production and one for small footprint mainstream design.
The GSD3tw supports SiRFLoc Client, the patented Multimode A-GPS software powering mobile phones optimized for location-enabled services. SiRFLoc improvesGPS location capability in wireless system environments by utilizing various modes of wireless infrastructure assistance to improve weak signal reception.
For personal navigation devices with high-end host processors, the GSD3tw with SiRFNav software provides SiRF Autonomous mode GPS navigation, setting a newperformance benchmark for high-sensitivity navigation.
SiRF’s standard autonomous software also supports SiRFInstantFix technology, which eliminates the initial task of obtaining broadcast GPS data from the satellites themselves, resulting in a faster TTFFs, even in weak signal environments.

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